In the writing room right now ...

In the writing room right now ... I am working on book #3 in the Winds of Freedom series, a teen adventure series set in the 1850s in North Danville, Vermont. My 1852 Vermont adventure THIS ARDENT FLAME is scheduled for June 2021 publication with Five Star/Cengage -- I will give you updates and early order information as soon as I know! I'm also writing a memoir; revising a mystery; in the midst of a novel about a grandmother and her granddaughter; and always writing poems. Yes, I guess I do like multi-tasking! How about you?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Start of a New Mystery: "All That Glitters," Began in Public Today!

I feel like a first grader. No, honestly, I do: trying to learn dozens of new things on the first day.

The reason: I just started presenting a brand new novel of mine on a social writing/reading site called Wattpad. In the past 24 hours, I've created an account, read some stories on the site written by other people (and applauded them!), created a draft cover for the book (it will get better when I can get a pro to help on it), and uploaded the first chapter of the novel.

If you're willing to sample the adventure, take a look at the chapter, right here:

And, oh yes, I've written chapter 2, to upload in a few days (running out of breath by now!).

Here's a short description of All That Glitters:
Nancy Drew for today? If you loved the old series, or have longed to see a "girl detective" that makes sense today -- at college, smart, driven to solve mysteries, tech-savvy, and with friends who'd (almost) die for her -- you'll enjoy the adventures of Felicity "Lucky" Franklin. 
Plus, in the true spirit of Nancy Drew, I'm doing my research with a "chum" -- yesterday my friend Pam and I toured the State House in Montpelier, courtesy of the very knowledgeable and courteous David Schütz, curator of state buildings. I took notes like crazy, and Pam took photos. If you peek here, you can see Mr. Schütz sitting in the center of the House Chamber at the magnificent Capitol building. And that person madly scribbling down the details? Yours truly.

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